Personal/Business Taxes

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Independent Taxes Accounting Service offers Tax, Accounting, Bookeeping, Payroll, Notary and even free counsulting services that are vital to help your Tax and business needs.  

Independent Tax Accounting Service offers different tax services to businesses and indivuals such as Personal and Business tax services. We are well experience in the tax field and will be able to help bring clarity to your tax frustration.

Accounting is process that helps record,analyze, summerize and many more of your business financal data. Having someone run your accounting services will help your business tremendously. Independent Tax Accounting Services can offer you that help and make your business financal data stress free.

Bookkeeping is similar to accounting but you need both to run a business effectivly which Independent Tax Accounting service can provide for you. Bookkeeping will record, store, and retrieve your business finacial transactions, such as sales,receipts, payments, etc.

If you own a business and need assistance paying your employees, Independent Tax Accounting Service is the place to go. We offer payroll soulutions that meet your businesses needs to keep you and your employees pleased!


When you are in a situation when you just need professional advice and an experts point of view, thats when you can come to Independent Taxes  Accounting Service to get a free consultant. Our employlees will guide and consult you in the best direction


If you personally or your business is going through legal action and you need legal help thats when you need to see a notary, which Idependent Taxes Accounting services offers that for you.  If you need someone to notarize, and certify legal documents, we can provide that service for you!